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MTG: Kaldheim Set Booster Box (30 Packs)

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Your Victory has been Foretold

Welcome to Kaldheim: a frozen land of prophecy and legend. The paths between realms have been opened, and war has broken out between gods, mortals, and monsters. Distinguish yourself in combat and your story will be retold for generations.

May your saga live on!

What's a Set Booster?

The Set Booster format is aimed at players that are not interested in Limited play formats such as Draft or Sealed Deck. AS Set Boosters are not beholden to the requiremetns of Limited play WTC have changed the booster format to make opening boosters more exiting. Some of the cards will also be interconnected by varing themes. Each booster pack will contain 14 cards (at least 12 playable MTG cards) and will come in boxes of 30 booster packs.

Set Booster Pack structure:

  • 1 Art Card (%5 will have a gold stamped signature of the artist)
  • 1 Land (can be a foil)
  • 6 Connected Commons and Uncommons (at leaset 1 Uncommon gaurenteed)
  • 1 Showcase Card (common or Uncommon)
  • 2 Wildcard Rarity Cards (any rarity)
  • 1 Rare / Mythic Rare
  • 1 Foil (any rarity)
  • 1 Token / Ad card / List Card

For more information on the structure of Set Boosters please see this

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