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  • Pokemon Zacian V ready for battle on the plains and a selection of new cards from the Sword & Shield series
  • Robots fleeing a street battle set in the world of Infinity the game by Corvus Belli.
  • Monsters take to the streets in the world of The Other Side game by Wyrd Miniatures
  • Wild West Exodus miniatures game banner
Dungeons and Dragons heroes battle with goblins
Venetian street fight in the fantasy world of Carnevale
Zombicide survivors cutting a path through a zombie hoard

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Black Star Games is a family run independent retailer of the best in wargames, role-play games, board games and card games. In addition to this we stock stock supporting products from model paint to game accessories. With big names such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Zombicide, Carcassonne, Infinity and Carnevale you'll we also stock a wide variety of up and coming games too. You'll find all manner of game types, with varying complexity, themes and styles and play times. And with games the whole family can enjoy there really is something for everyone.